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Mold removal services in savannah Ga

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Mold Inspection and testing

Mold inspection is always the starting point for addressing mold issues. During the inspection, our team conducts a thorough analysis to identify all potential areas where mold may be present and growing without getting your attention. We utilize advanced technology to detect mold spores, and our experts visually inspect areas such as bathrooms, kitchens, and basements where moisture is commonly found. After collecting samples, we perform mold testing to gather more detailed information and develop a solution.

Mold inspection services in Savannah GA


Mold Removal

While many of us can perform mold inspections, the mold removal process requires great attention to safety. That’s why it is highly recommended to seek the assistance of professionals. After carefully inspecting your home, we will move to the most crucial yet challenging part of securing your home from mold fungus. We utilize modern, industry-standard, and certified techniques to properly remove and eleminate the mold.


Mold Preventation and Fixtures

As we know, mold spores are everywhere, but they only become mold when they land on a moist surface. Therefore, it is important to keep your home and interior dry and clean. That’s where we come in. We will identify all of the moist areas and fix them as needed. We’ll start by isolating the affected areas and then proceed to address the moisture issues according to the situation.

Mold preventation in SAvannah GA


Property Cleanup

We’re not going to leave the debris and waste material and give headache. We don’t want you to clean the property. We offer an environmentally friendly cleanup. Our dedicated team handles the cleanup, removing all debris and waste from your home, and conducting eco-friendly disposal.

Mold removal property clean up


Odor Removal

Refreshing and healthy indoor air is our priority, as it’s crucial to establish a strong and healthy environment. Due to various contaminants and molds, odors may develop in your property that you would want to eliminate. That’s precisely what we offer with our Odor Removal services.

Indoor air quality and odor removal in savannah ga