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70% of homes in the US have mold or are affected by mold. That’s quite alarming, but not for our community in Savannah, Georgia. Here, you have Guardian Mold Removal Savannah, GA trusted by more than 300 homeowners and still counting. We are on a mission to make our city mold-free and a thriving spot with our expertise.

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We’re here for all of your home restoration and mold removal needs. Get the fresh air in and bad hazards out of your home with Guaradian Mold Removal Savannah.

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Our Mold Removal Services in Savannah, GA

We’re known as the enemy of mold and we treat it as it is. Our services cover mold inspection and removal, Asbestos and lead removal, And improving air quality that has been a desperate need of our community in Savannah. 

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Mold Removal

Mold spores are not uncommon in Savannah, or indeed throughout Georgia. Due to its hot and humid climate, everything becomes a potential food source for mold. Before you know it, you may start seeing them creeping into your bathroom, roof corners, wooden objects, and more. To protect you and your family from this creeping menace, here are our expert Mold Removal Services.

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Mold Inspection

Have you recently experienced water damage or noticed musty odors? Don't take it lightly, it could indicate mold growth somewhere in your house, even if you're unaware of it. Let our experts inspect your home, from bathrooms and crawl spaces to attics and basements, as well as plumbing fixtures. We utilize American standard and advanced tools and techniques to detect mold and other dangerous elements.

Air Quality Checking

You might be experiencing low-quality air and struggling to get help from experts. You're not alone, as it has been an issue in our city unless you're living near Tybee Island. To improve indoor air quality, our team will inspect your house and take samples to identify the presence of mold, pollutants, and other environmental contaminants, And will give you the best solutions.

wate and debris removal savannah gerogia, Historic ditrict

Waste and Debris Removal

Yes, we understand that you don't want to search for a debris removal company after we've completed all the work for you. We want to provide you with peace of mind and leave you smiling and satisfied when we leave your home. Our debris removal services focus on removing the waste and debris left behind after renovations and mold removal. From collecting to disposing of it in eco-friendly manners, we'll take care of everything for you.

Waterproofing and basement repair in savannah ga

Waterproofing and Leak Repair

Leaks and water damage are among the biggest reasons for mold growth in your bathroom or any corner of your home. It's crucial to fix the underlying cause to prevent further damage to your property and, especially, to protect your family's health. Call us now to get the job done right away.

About Us

Started in 2015 as a part time job but got so attached and loved with my job and thought to keep doing it. Managed to to make a team of professional and American certified mold removing and inspection specialists. 

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About Mold remediation in Savannah Ga

From Midtown to Southside and Whitemarsh Island, we have made homeowners happy everywhere in Savannah, Georgia

Our goal is to free your home from the mold and other hazardous environmental elements and make your home a spot of good and fresh air. Safe and Secure environment is a blessing.

Let's answer some of your questions

These are some of the most commonly asked questions at Guardian Mold Removal Savannah, GA.

1# What kills white mold on wood?

Just like black mold, white mold also thrives in dark and humid environments. Therefore, the first step is to address the humidity levels. You can use a vinegar solution along with some form of scrubbing to tackle the mold. However, if the mold is spreading within the floor joists, it’s time to call professionals.

2# Who do you get to clean mold?

Whether you live in Savannah or any other area, if the mold infestation is small, then you should try to address the situation by yourself. However, if you believe the mold is spreading beyond your control, it’s imperative to have it cleaned by certified and experienced mold removal companies.

3# Best Mold Removal Savannah GA

Guardian Mold Removal and Inspection Savannah is the best based on our statistics and partnerships with certified and top-rated mold removal companies in the city, and many other areas in Chatham County. We don’t want to claim that we’re the best, but our track record and collaborations with certified companies speak for themselves. Let’s preserve our historic culture.